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Royal Members

Royal One 

The ultimate membership. If you are a royal one member you get perks such as a lifetime guarantee $60 filing price, 10 percent discount spouse, 10 percent discount for all referals, 10 percent discount on all other services, 10 percent discount on RRSP.


This membership is currently closed and not offered, please check back in the future if you wish to purchase this membership. 


Royal one members can call and confirm whether if they are royal one members, but you know you are a member because it is stated after every filing.  

Royal two 

Royal 2 members have a lifetime guarantee price of $70 filing fee. They recieve a 5 percent discount on all other services. 


This membership is open   

Royal three 

Royal 3 members guaranteed $80 filing price. They receive a 

This membership is open   

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