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Royal Financial Service Agreement


 We like no hidden policies & easy to understand terms

After filing 

Thanks for filing your return. In your email you have recieved your t1 general which on the last page has a summary of your taxes. You received your sales receipt. You have also received a copy of your service agreement which can be downloaded on this page above. 

Refund Examination Program's 

If you have a recieved a letter that resembles one of the below. Or you have not recieved your tax return and it has been over 60 days there is a likely chance that you have been summoned to address the CRA concerns. In the case of such we will help you answer any questions regarding the terms of the letter. however all requested documents must be in the hands of the taxpayer and sent out. Please make sure that you always update your addess on file whenever you move either by calling the CRA or on your online account so you dont miss payments and letters. 




Reassessments are common and can arise due to a variety of factors. If you are concerned don't be. In the case of a reassessment we insure that a tax professional will be available to answer any of your questions regarding the reassessment. However you can call the CRA directly and speak to a customer care agent almost always and they can also provide the same level of assurance. If you believe that a reassessment wrongfully reflects your tax situation you can call our tax professionals for a possible dispute.      

Our Liability

The CRA can ask for sensitive information and we cannot be held liable to control such documents. That is why it is advised that a tax payer can receive advice on the papers but we cannot handle the documents for you. 

All appointments should be scheduled directly through our website. There is a refundable deposit on each appointment, in the case of a missed appointment your deposit is non refundable.   

We provide year round service contact us any time 365 days a year preferably via email or whatsapp. Please allow for 2-4 days for a response from one of our professional tax advisors. We do not provide verbal advise over phone calls and prefer to provide all tax advise in written forms. This insures accuracy between both parties and eliminates doubts or assumptions. Thank you.   

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