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Notice of Assesment

Did you receive a CRA letter in the mail?

How to spot a scam 

The GST is a quarterly benefit given to tax filers and the Ontario Trillium Benefit is a monthly benefit given out for those eligible. If you have missed a payment please click on the button below to learn how to contact the CRA.   

Did you miss a GST or OTB payment?

Did you change your Address ?

It is important to know that the CRA will only have the address on file which was last registered on your last tax return. So whether you changed cities or provinces it is always important to call the CRA customer care and let them know so you can be up to date and not miss any mail that the CRA may send home. This is especially true if you have not created a my cra account online, or have not registered your direct deposit online.   

An RRSP is a registered retirement savings plan.  

What is an RRSP? 

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